About Us

Thuya Poetry Review was founded in 2021 by Cassie Leone and Aaron Styza

Thuya, an aromatic wood of the coniferous variety, once used for ritual burnings, is assumed to be derived from the Greek word thuein, meaning to sacrifice, and is referenced in The Book of Kings as the wood Solomon used to build pillars and harps.

Thuya Poetry Review is a non-profit unincorporated association dedicated to publishing the highest quality craft of both emerging and established poets.

In adherence to our educational provisions, we select a youth writer to intern as an associate editor for each issue. Through our partnership with the Book Club of California, each associate editor will receive:

  • Invitations to all in-person and online public events and exhibitions, members-only events, and discounts on ticketed programs.
  • Admission to members-only hospitality at all Book Club of California programs and events.
  • Special invitations to members-only Virtual Community Meetings (bibliophilic and bookish conversations held via Zoom).
  • Access to special content including the library of audio and video recordings for Book Club of California programs as part of ‘BCC@Home’  (an online members-only portal).
  • Subscription to ‘From the Librarian’ (the members-only monthly electronic newsletter about the Book Club’s Albert Sperisen Library).
  • Subscription to the Quarterly, the Book Club of California’s letterpress-printed newsletter and journal of scholarly articles.
  • A complimentary copy of the Book Club of California’s award-winning keepsake.
  • 15% pre-publication discount on all forthcoming Book Club of California publications and a 10% discount on all publications.
  • Book Club of California membership card.
  • Printed ephemera: invitations, book prospectuses, memorial keepsakes, and more.

If you would like to apply for the associate editor position, contact us at thuyapoetryreview@gmail.com.



Aaron Styza received his MFA from the University of California, Irvine, and his BA from Eckerd College. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in The American Journal of Poetry, Prometheus Dreaming, Faultline, Aji Magazine, Two Cities Review, Heron Tree, and elsewhere. He currently works at University of California, San Diego.

Cassie Leone is originally from the Bay Area, California. She completed her BA at Smith College and her MFA at UC Irvine, where she continues as a lecturer. Her work can be found in The Roadrunner Review, Foothill Journal, Salt Hill Journal, and others. She’s been awarded the Lynn Garnier Memorial Award for poetry, the Nora Folkenflik Award for Excellence in Poetry, and the Academy of American Poets Prize. She currently resides in San Diego with her pet rabbits.

Issue 1: Associate Editor

Dessa Kuritz is a high school sophmore for whom reading and writing are as much compulsions as hobbies. In middle school, Dessa started a blog featuring her book reviews. Poetry has become her outlet for processing ideas and emotions without the more literal intentions and constraints of prose. Her first published poem recently appeared in Scribere. Less formally she self-publishes in chalk on the sidewalks throughout her neighborhood.


As a non-profit organization, Thuya Poetry Review depends on charitable donations.  For each donation made, poetry comes online and into print for the first time. Thank you for supporting the literary community.